Channel Shift Analysis

Use retail market research to make better omnichannel retail decisions.


Today’s omnichannel approach to retailing adds complexity to the channel planning process. What is the effect of new store openings on other channels? Buxton’s Channel Shift Analysis helps you understand how your channels interact and the net effect of channel planning decisions. If you are not leveraging retail market research when you make your business growth decisions, you are not making informed planning decisions.


What will the Channel Shift Analysis solution do for me?

Understand net effect of store closures.

As you right-size your brick and mortar store footprint, you need to consider how closures affect other channels. Will online buyers in the trade area cut back on spending too?

Understand net effect of store openings.

What is the net gain of adding a new store? Will existing online shoppers in the trade area switch to shopping in-store, shop both channels, or continue to shop online only?

Align your teams with retail market research.

By considering how channels interact with each other, you can break down silos and align your teams to make better decisions.

Plan based on the big picture.

Move past yesterday’s brick-and-mortar centric mindset to view purchase decisions through today’s omnichannel lens. Buxton’s Channel Shift Analysis shows you the whole picture.

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