Local Store Marketing

Execute marketing campaigns at the store level with LSMx.


Designed to give franchisees and store operators the power of marketing all from their phone, LSMx uses your customer profile to show franchisees where to find new customers and lets them market to those customers through Facebook, email, direct mail, banner ads and Google Search.


What will LSMx do for me?

Empower your franchisees.

Using your customer profile, LSMx allows your franchisees to easily find new potential customers. Your franchisees will not only see new customers right on a map, but they can reach them with customizable marketing campaigns.

Market around local events and your competition.

Franchisees can see events happening in their area and create campaigns geared specifically around these events near their business, capitalizing on the high traffic in their area. Visualize competitors on a map and target customers that live near your competition with aggressive offers.

Create marketing campaigns in minutes - from your phone.

Your franchisees can advertise to new customers through Facebook, email, direct mail, banner ads and Google Search with corporate-approved advertisements. They can create ads and offers directly in LSMx and press send – the execution is handled for them.

Monitor your franchisees campaigns' ROI and budget.

​In LSMx, you are able to monitor the campaigns that your franchisees or store managers are running. Easily monitor the reach, impressions and ROI for each trade area. It has never been this easy to execute and track your businesses’ local store marketing efforts.

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