Buxton’s Franchise Market Opportunity Solution
Prioritize Markets

Market Opportunity

Understand what drives successful performance and the optimal size of your territories. Avoid underselling markets and establish your brand in new markets.

How many franchise units and territories can I have and where should they be located to maximize the potential of each market?

When it’s time to expand your franchise network, how do you identify which markets present the best opportunities and the number of territories and units each market can support?

Identify new markets.

Buxton’s Market Opportunity Solution can help you to identify which new markets offer the best potential or find hidden infill opportunities to maximize your existing markets.

Analyze location potential.

We identify how many territories and units each market can support, where each unit should be placed, the sales potential for each unit, and the projected cannibalization to existing units to guide your franchising strategy. Our analysis can help you to define your inventory of top potential locations and even identify existing unit trade areas that no longer offer the best opportunities.

By understanding your ideal franchise territory layout in each of your markets, you can optimize your franchise sales, achieve your growth objectives, and reduce waste.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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How We Do It

Customer Profile and Model Development

Our solution begins by developing a customer profile and custom site selection model for your brand, which is the analytical tool used to analyze hundreds of potential sites in your target geography to identify the optimal combinations.

Market Analysis

We offer several types of market analysis – from our classic franchise unit potential analysis, to our territory optimization – so you can pick the approach that best meets your needs. The results of the analysis are deployed to SCOUT, an application in the Buxton Analytics Platform, so you can quickly visualize your best market opportunities and plan your strategy.

Solution Features

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