Buxton’s Healthcare Systems Patient Profile Solution
Define Your Patients

Patient Profile

Go beyond demographics to understand who your patients truly are. Establish a foundation to make better real estate, marketing, service line, and operations investment decisions.

Who are my patients and what makes them unique?

Healthcare is evolving, and so is the healthcare consumer. Traditional demographics are a thing of the past and won’t allow you to understand your patients in enough detail to stay ahead of the competition.

Patient Profiles that go beyond demographics.

Buxton’s Patient Profile Solution allows you to understand who your patients are, how they live their lives, their attitudes toward healthcare, and how they behave as consumers. When you understand your patients in this level of detail you can understand what they need and want in a healthcare provider relationship, how to develop a facility network to interact with them, how to communicate with them, and where prospective patients with the same consumer characteristics are located.

Armed with these insights, you can improve market planning, facility investment, service line optimization, provider deployment, and marketing decisions.

This solution includes:

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How We Do It

We combine our datasets with your patient and facility performance data​

To define who your patients are, Buxton combines your patient and facility performance data with our robust internal datasets. We identify who your best patient groups are at an overall level, service line level, or even payer group level depending on your needs and then provide you with detailed information on both their demographics and lifestyles.

Visualize your patient profile

Once complete, the profile is loaded into SCOUT, an application in our user-friendly Buxton Platform, so you can see where all of the consumers who match that profile are located and access other market-level consumer intelligence.

Solution Features

What does the Patient Profile Solution do for you?

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