Automated Site Score Models

Match current and future facilities with their optimal healthcare services using objective data analytics.

What is it?

Buxton’s Automated Site Score Models give you access to on-demand site scoring in SCOUT without requiring the transfer of patient data or model development timelines. Whether you are seeking to identify the best areas for new facilities or considering the addition of new medical services at your existing facilities, Buxton can help you match services to the trade areas with the greatest opportunities.

What will Automated Site Score Models do for me?

Make the right real estate investment decisions.

Before you commit to a new lease or purchase, benchmark the site’s performance potential for your target service lines or facility type to confirm the investment decision.

Optimize the service line mix at current facilities.

Maximize your existing facilities by defining and implementing the optimal service line mix. Identify opportunities to add or consolidate services to improve performance

Inform the facilities planning process.

Plan which healthcare services to offer at new facilities to maximize use by matching facility offerings with population need.

Get started with analytical tools faster.

Speed up the process of implementing analytical tools in your organization thanks to rapid onboarding that does not require the transfer of your patient data.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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