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Service Line Model

Understand the best opportunities for individual service lines based on analytics.

What is it?

Buxton’s Service Line Models help you understand the potential for medical specialties across your health system’s current or planned areas of operation. Whether you are seeking to identify the best areas for new facilities or considering offering additional medical services at your existing facilities, Buxton can help you match service lines to the areas with the greatest opportunities.

What will a Service Line Model do for me?

Identify opportunities for new specialty facilities.

If you want to grow your network of facilities, Buxton’s Service Line Model can show you the trade areas with the best opportunities.

Determine your optimized service line structure.

Does it make sense to add additional service line offerings at your health system’s existing facilities? Buxton’s Service Line Models can provide the answer.

Optimize service lines at new facilities.

Buxton can help you plan which service lines to offer at new facilities in order to maximize use. Match facility offerings with population need.

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