Whitespace Analysis

Discover unit growth and incremental sales opportunity for target companies or existing holdings.

What is it?

A whitespace analysis proves the runway for target companies and existing holdings by providing insight into the size of the company in terms of unit count and network-wide sales at maturity. This analysis can be conducted at the local market level or nationwide. Buxton’s sophisticated methodologies, exhaustive data, and substantial resources provide a competitive advantage to our clients during the transaction.

What will a Whitespace Analysis do for me?

Develop an accurate valuation.

Confidently develop an accurate valuation for a potential target or portfolio company by understanding how many locations at a particular performance threshold a market can support.

Invest with confidence.

Utilize data and analytics to endorse new investment opportunities by confirming there is enough core customer potential and favorable market dynamics to sustain new locations without negatively influencing current locations.

Present third-party validation to potential investors.

Identify an existing portfolio firm’s true growth potential to guide IPOs, acquisitions by other private equity firms, and/or sales to other strategic buyers.

Determine company maturation stage.

Get the comprehensive short and long-term information needed to determine the company’s current lifecycle stage, its projected sustainability, and its capacity within a market.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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