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Consumer Impact Dashboard

Access critical data on consumer activity in near real time to benchmark changes in brands, industries, and markets.

What is it?

Buxton’s Consumer Impact Dashboard allows you to benchmark consumer traffic volumes by business category, brand, and/or consumer segment so you can make more informed business decisions. Compare and contrast industry or brand specific, market-level consumer traffic for time periods that you select. The dashboard harnesses the power of billions of mobile device pings, which are clustered around 4.5 million locations for hundreds of business subcategories and more than 5,200 brands, aggregated by market and/or consumer segment, and updated daily.

What will the Consumer Impact Dashboard do for me?

Benchmark consumer traffic volumes against industry averages.

Visualize consumer traffic volumes for more than 340 business subcategories, a growing list of more than 5,200 brands, 71 consumer segments, and 9 demographic persona groups to track trends over time. Access critical year-over-year comparisons of consumer traffic volumes to answer evolving business questions.

Prioritize resources, both human and capital.

Plan for staffing, hours, and inventory with daily data updates. Discover how the consumer activity relative to your brand, industry, and market is changing to better prepare for shifting economic conditions.

Set realistic expectations for market-level performance.

By understanding when, where, and to what extent consumer traffic changes over time, you can make more informed business decisions for each of your markets. Visualize visit trends at your brand locations, competitor brand locations, or the overall business category within any selected market to benchmark performance.

Guide upcoming marketing and messaging.

Identify which consumer segments of the population are most active within your business category for a more targeted marketing approach. Know which types of consumers to address in your marketing campaigns in each market.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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