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Visual Analytics Dashboards

Visualize data to find answers to your most important KPI questions.

What is it?

Buxton’s Visual Analytics Dashboards present visual answers to your most important retail KPI questions such as, “Am I retaining and adding enough of my best customers?” and “What return am I getting from marketing?” By combining your data with Buxton’s world-class customer intelligence, analytical experience, and datasets, the dashboards can enhance insights into specific elements of your retail business, enable faster decision making, increase marketing ROI, eliminate waste, and accelerate growth.

What will Visual Analytics Dashboards do for me?

Know your best customers and how they are contributing to your success.

Examining each of your customer segments through a customer dashboard helps you develop a clear persona for your best and most profitable customers, providing insights on the customers you want to acquire and retain.

Understand which products are driving your success.

Using a product dashboard to view distribution at the store and company levels allows you to identify ways to optimize product offerings in each geographic area and eliminate waste.

Find insights about your most successful marketing efforts.

Looking at the number of campaigns executed, response rate, and revenue per campaign through a marketing dashboard enables you to optimize marketing effectiveness and increase ROI.

Identify your most successful stores.

Using an operations dashboard to compare revenue and transaction growth by store or region to a select group of peers allows you to assess performance and identify areas of concern.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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