5 Reasons Why Millennials Love Fast Casual Pizza

5 Reasons Why Millennials Love Fast Casual Pizza

  Just like better burger and better sandwich concepts, the better pizza category is captivating the elusive Millennial generation’s attention – but what’s the allure of this made-to-order pizza segment?  

  1. Quick and Easy: Millennials, known for their busy schedules and their constant connection to technology, want instant gratification.  Convenience is king with Millennials - they want what they want, when they want it. The importance of convenience presents big challenges, but also big opportunities for fast casual pizza restaurants as they can have a custom pizza made in less than 5 minutes.
  2. Customizable: Another trait Millennial consumers are known for is “making it their own.” Millennials want to be active co-creators, they want to interact with brands and interact with their food – which is the exact model of fast casual pizza concepts. Pie Five, for example, actively advertises its “interactive pizza experience,” where customers can create their own personal pizzas.
  3. Never Boring: A recent study by The Culinary Visions® Panel showed that 89% of Millennials choose where they want to eat by what they are craving and 40% order something different every time they visit a restaurant. With unique combinations and countess possibilities, made-to-order pizza concepts fit the bill by adapting to their ever-changing palettes.
  4. Value: Millennials are a cash-strapped generation, but want high-quality, fresh food at a good price, with more than 50% of Millennials saying that “a good value for the money” was the most important factor when choosing where to eat – so having an average check size of $6 - $9, fast casual pizza joints are a natural choice for this group.
  5. Social: Millennials like to engage with brands that are shareable, whether that is online or offline. Because this generation puts tremendous value on experiences, the culture of food is important, whether that’s trying or creating something new or sharing pictures of it on social media – in fact, 26% of Millennials post photos of the food they’re eating and food is the second most followed sectors on social media with 48% following food brands.

The Bottom Line

This generation is bigger and harder to win over than previous generations. They are expected to have more spending power than any other generation by 2017 and while there is a natural gravitation toward made-to-order pizza concepts, the Millennial mindset is different from other generations, making past marketing approaches ineffective.

In order to tap into their potential you need a deep understanding of their needs, mindsets, and preferences, and how they differ not only from other generations, but from each other. So the question is will you be ready before it’s too late?

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