cart being pushed by customer in a grocery store

Big Data: Improving Shopper Marketing for Grocers

Recently, Retail Leader published a column titled “Pulling More Meaning From Big Data.” In it, they explored the ways food retailers and manufacturers are gradually harnessing the power of big data to drive loyalty marketing programs, optimize product mixes at individual locations, and even track and market to shoppers in real time.

Industry experts note that the grocery industry has barely scratched the surface of shopper insights, and that the players who fail to tap the vast pools of data will be left behind. But they also note that with more shopper data accumulating every day and the extensive ramp-up time involved in building an in-house analytics team, most retailers will be best served by turning to a partner for help in managing and deriving insights from customer data.

To read more about the grocers exploring the power of big data in shopper marketing, read the full article here:

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