Clicks-to-Bricks: Canadian Retailers’ New Business Strategy

Clicks-to-Bricks: Canadian Retailers’ New Business Strategy

There has been a ton of hype regarding the great Canadian retail boom – and for good reason too. But a new retail trend on the horizon is beginning to gain a firm footing, changing the face of Canadian retail yet again.

So what is this new trend?

The answer is simple: online retail companies are setting up physical stores in the form of pop-up shops.

While I know it may feel like just yesterday that brick and mortar retailers were scrambling to build an online presence and devise an air-tight omni-channel retail strategy, the tides are starting to turn.

Even though strictly online retailers have been hesitant to admit the need for a physical store, they are coming to terms with the fact that while more people are buying online, consumers still need the experience associated with in-store shopping.

In fact, the single biggest reason that people DON’T buy online is that they want to touch and feel merchandise.

As a result, online retailers are beginning to set up a physical presence in the form of pop-up stores, which are creating a distinctive brand experience and forging a true relationship with customers beyond a computer screen.

A recent Financial Post article, Retailers Turning to Clicks-And-Bricks Strategy to Find New Customers, details how this trend gained steam with both large and small retailers in Canada – and how this new strategy can help retailers expose their merchandise to a completely new audience.

Montreal-based online retailer Frank & Oak, for example, used this strategy to better connect with consumers by opening up a pop-up location in Toronto for a week.

Another online retailer, Shopify, put a twist on this approach, by holding two “Popify” pop-up stores to highlight its online retailers with a week-long retail tour in Toronto, promoting its online store platform through workshops and events.

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