Customer Behavior Data Leads Strategic Site Selection for Express Car Wash Industry

Customer Behavior Data Leads Strategic Site Selection for Express Car Wash Industry

What do successful car washes have that others don't? 


Tim White, Buxton SVP of Strategic Accounts, describes this phenomenon saying, “People don’t wake up in the morning and decide they need to get their car washed.” He goes on to say that most people will drive by a car wash tunnel while running errands and realize they need a quick rinse.  

Because car washes are not a destination for most customers, they need to be strategically located by other retailers like grocery stores, pharmacies, etc., where demand is natural, and customers can easily utilize the service. Buxton’s analytics platform provides insight into the best possible locations for new express tunnels, calculating potential demand based on location demographics and customer behavioral insight. 

For instance – Is your car wash on the correct side of the road? Can customers easily see your location before driving past? Are you situated by like-minded, demand-driven retailers?  

Ensure your car wash is in a key trade area with customer analytics by Buxton.  

Customer behavior is our bread and butter. We are experts on predicting the best possible place to start your express car wash business based on our extensive data platform, comprised of all the car registrations from the past decade. We know your ideal customer base, and can give you exclusive insight into their lifestyles, behaviors and preferences. Our platform also includes unique competitor insight to bring your competitors’ customers to your business.  

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