Expanding Horizons: An In-Depth Report of Buxton’s International Capabilities

Expanding Horizons: An In-Depth Report of Buxton’s International Capabilities

When it’s time to expand your network in international markets, how do you identify which markets present the best opportunities? And once you’ve entered an international market, how do you determine the number of locations it can support? Buxton’s international solution can help you identify which new markets around the world offer the best potential for investment, finding hidden infill opportunities to maximize your brand’s growth potential. 

The Data

Buxton is well-known as the largest aggregator of household data in the U.S., and we’ve held that title for nearly 30 years. Today, we have built upon that legacy by expanding our data capabilities to include psychographic population data for over 200 countries across the globe.  

Buxton’s international data capabilities builds upon the standard U.S. suite of solutions to include international geo-level demographic variables and consumer expenditure data. Additionally, our extensive database includes over 29 million places of interest across more than 140 countries, giving you a comprehensive understanding of local markets and consumer behavior. With our data-driven approach, you can confidently navigate global markets and unlock new opportunities for your business.    

The Details 

With such comprehensive data, Buxton can then tell a detailed story about your markets of interest where your team lacks native knowledge. Buxton’s suite of international reports and thematics are designed to provide greater understanding of the dynamics of each country of interest so you can make more informed growth decisions. The reports further enhance the insights provided in Buxton’s optional Vista View analysis.  

Buxton’s Vista View is a market optimization analysis for non-U.S. markets. It is designed to identify areas of opportunity in the country of interest to guide expansion decisions. The result is a heat map showing the “hot spots” that represent the most promising growth areas. 

The market intelligence gained from the international data and reports combined with the market optimization insights derived from Vista View provide the details you need to enhance your global strategy.  

The Design 

The beauty of Buxton’s international solution is in the design. Our international solution is designed with our platform in mind. The Buxton Platform allows you to study markets with ease and to visualize the data in SCOUT, our map-based interface, which has presentation-friendly graphics to communicate your findings. Our platform also enables users to run comprehensive reports, attach location files for easy collaboration and upload your own datasets for an enhanced experience.  

Bottom line, our platform and services can help you to define your inventory of top potential locations so you can enter new markets with confidence. By understanding your ideal location network in each of your markets internationally, you can optimize your capital investments, achieve your growth objectives, and reduce waste. 

Download the “International Solution Guidebook” to learn more. Please note that data availability varies by country.