Consumer Analytics and Media Preferences
Gaining Insight into Media Preferences with Consumer Analytics

Gaining Insight into Media Preferences with Consumer Analytics

In today's consumer-driven society, consumer analytics has become an essential tool in helping businesses communicate with consumers at the right time and the right way. Specifically, consumer analytics can tell you which marketing tactics different consumers respond better to. This information can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns, improve consumer engagement, and ultimately drive more business.  

By understanding the media preferences of customers, companies can determine which channels are most effective for reaching and engaging with specific customer segment groups. For example, if a company's data shows that a large percentage of their customers are active on social media, they may want to focus their marketing dollars on paid social ads.  

Buxton’s media preferences report is a great place to start for in figuring out how to market to a company’s highest value customers but also when and where to market to these customers. Peter Healey, the VP of Strategic Accounts, emphasizes how this report “helps clients best allocate their spend in a way that's going to generate stronger ROIs and ultimately lower their cost to acquire the best types of customers and lowering the cost to keep the best customers.” 

In conclusion, understanding the media preferences of customers is crucial for any organization looking to create more targeted marketing campaigns and improve consumer engagement. By leveraging consumer analytics to determine the media consumption preferences of their customers, companies can better optimize media strategies and purchases based on the reality of who their customer is and to utilize the most effective means of reaching them.