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Help Franchisees Grow Market Share with Local Store Marketing

As a franchisor, it’s increasingly important to maximize your franchise territories’ potential and help them market at the local level. You and your franchisees are invested in the success of your business, but finding the right mix of tools to enhance market share can be a challenging task. It’s not enough for you or your franchisees to rely on large scale marketing to drive traffic to a store front. Customers increasingly want personalization at the local level that is often only achievable through local store marketing.  

Here are few considerations to help enhance your franchisee local store marketing:

Refine How You Target Potential Customers

Do you know who your best potential customers are? Often times, businesses waste time and money trying to target all households near their store front, and see little return on investment. Households, and customers, are not created equal. You should take this approach when trying to decide which households you should target. Finding the right mix of demographic, psychographic, purchase and behavioral data of your potential customers will help you better target your marketing efforts and stop wasting money trying to reach households that may never visit your business.

Target Your Competitors’ Customers

With a better understanding of where your best potential customers are you can hone in on which of those are likely to visit a competitor. With this knowledge, you can run targeted marketing campaigns to these customers and gain market share from your competition by driving customers to your store instead of theirs. Pay attention to households closer to competitors, and increase efforts in those areas.

Market Around Local Events

Events give you an opportunity to reach new customers while they’re already out on the town. Consider using an event related message or special offer to remind potential customers to stop by on event day. New customers will be introduced to your business and this is a great time to remind nearby customers that you’re in the area.

Create a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

On average it takes seven or more touchpoints for a potential customer to become an actual customer. Executing your local store marketing through multiple channels, such as Facebook, direct mail and Google search, will create numerous touchpoints for your potential customers to engage with your business and get your message to stick. It’s no longer enough to send one direct mail piece or run one TV advertisement and expect customers to come running through the door.

Use the Right Tools

For franchisees, LSMx powered by Buxton is the local store marketing tool that makes it simple to reach new customers through targeted marketing campaigns. LSMx gives you the tools to create and send simple, real-time targeted local marketing - all from your phone. Achieve all of the above, and more, with LSMx. Visit to learn more. 

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