How Buxton’s Customer Analytics Benefit Teams Across the Organization

How Buxton’s Customer Analytics Benefit Teams Across the Organization

If your team has ever considered investing in customer analytics, you may have raised the question: would other teams in your organization benefit from those same analytics?  

Incorporating customer analytics across teams can lead to greater alignment on growth objectives and how to reach them. Buxton’s foundational customer insights can be adapted to fit use cases in marketing, real estate, franchise development, and more.  
Buxton recently spoke with leaders from two different teams at Discover Strength: Hannah Johnson, vice president of sales and marketing, and Scott Breimhorst, vice president of franchise development, about how they use Buxton throughout their organization. Here’s what they shared. 

Use Case #1: Integrate Common Vocabulary and Goals 

At Discover Strength, integrating common vocabulary and clear objectives across departments has been a cornerstone of their strategy. As Hannah puts it, "the benefit of using Buxton across all of our departments is that it keeps us all aligned on our main objective of trying to grow.” Scott adds, “Buxton is a household name in our office. It's one of those words like Xerox that you use in place of data.” This was an important initial step to maintain consistency in messaging and objectives across departments.  


Use Case #2: Unify Audiences Across Media Channels 

Another way Discover Strength leverages Buxton’s customer analytics is unifying audiences across media channels. Hannah explains how mailing lists derived from Buxton’s detailed demographic and psychographic data are used not only for direct mailing but are also repurposed by their digital team to enhance online targeting. This ensures that marketing efforts are synchronized, maximizing the impact of their campaigns across different regions. 


Use Case #3: Inform Franchise Territory Selection 

Regarding territory selection, Scott highlights the role of Buxton’s analytics in selecting new territories for expansion. He notes, "Buxton gives us the data to feel confident moving to other markets where we don't currently have a Discover Strength presence.” This targeted approach informs decisions about where to establish new locations, ensuring they are viable and align with Discover Strength’s overall strategic goals. 


Use Case #4: Boost Franchisee Confidence in Site Selection 

Scott further elaborates on how Buxton's tools empower franchisees, enhancing their confidence in their site selection decisions: "We can use the Buxton Platform’s tools to help guide them one way or the other.” This access to robust analytics not only aids in making operational decisions but also reassures franchisees about the potential success of their investments. 

The Bottom Line 

Discover Strength’s use of Buxton’s customer analytics exemplifies the benefits of incorporating shared intelligence tools across an organization. This strategic alignment not only improves internal operations but also enhances overall market positioning. By equipping every team with intelligence tools, organizations ensure that every department contributes to collective success.  

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