Population Health Trends: Embracing Data to Achieve Better Outcomes

Population Health Trends: Embracing Data to Achieve Better Outcomes

As healthcare continues to evolve, one of the major trends that we are seeing in population health is the use of data to better understand populations and their specific needs. Bill Stinneford, EVP at Buxton, highlights the importance of embracing analytics, leveraging demographic, healthcare, and consumer data to identify micro areas that need specific services to achieve the best results. 

In a recent talk, Bill Stinneford emphasized the significance of using analytics to focus on the areas of highest need. By leveraging healthcare data, household information, and retail and consumer data, health systems can identify the areas with the most acute need and deploy services into those areas to achieve the best outcomes.  

To truly address the challenges faced by populations, it is essential to establish a relationship with patients and create a brand that helps them stay healthy. According to Stinneford, "If we only focus on treating you when you’re sick, we’re never going to win.” Health systems need to develop a lifetime relationship with their patients – a relationship that says, “I'm keeping you healthy; I'm making you stronger; I'm making you better every step of the way.” As Bill notes, this kind of relationship is what is “going to give us a chance to have much better health outcomes." 

At Buxton, we understand the importance of utilizing analytics to test and learn and improve over time. For providers, this requires a continual investment and devotion to population health and improving outcomes. By measuring the success of interventions, healthcare providers can tweak or add to them to achieve better results. 

The embrace of consumer analytics beyond traditional healthcare analytics is a big trend that is going to improve population health efforts. By focusing on the areas of highest need, identifying  the specific service line needs of those areas, healthcare providers can achieve better outcomes and establish a lasting relationship with their patients. 

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