Recap of ICSC Las Vegas 2023

Recap of ICSC Las Vegas 2023

Thank you to all who participated in this year's ICSC!

It’s always a pleasure to present our suite of solutions at ICSC Las Vegas. This year, the Buxton booth was in a new location, surrounded by like-minded restaurant and retail professionals. Located within the Upper South Hall, Booth 5121Q was full of energy, with scheduled meetings and walk-in appointments. 

In addition to connecting with prospects and clients alike, we had the honor of participating in the ICSC Professional Development Workshop: Location, Location, Location on Sunday, where our very own Bill Stinneford, EVP, Revenue, spoke with industry leaders about the importance of data for site selection. “I know I sound like a broken record,” Stinneford said. “But data is the most essential piece of all business decisions, especially site selection.”  

The panel discussed the strategy and planning necessary for all business decisions, and the importance of using data to create a solid foundation for growth. Buxton is the largest aggregate of consumer data in the United States and our suite of solutions are designed to support multiple teams within a company, including real estate and development, marketing and operations, and C-Suite strategy implementation.  

Introducing The New Buxton -  

At this year’s ICSC, we showcased our three newest products: Factor, Alert and Optimizer. These solutions are components of The New Buxton portfolio, designed to meet you where you are. Below is a summary of each product:  

Alert – The monthly report you can’t live without. Alert delivers relevant insights and marketing recommendations straight to your inbox so you can make smart decisions. Arm your team with an action plan for success from the global leader in retail customer analytics. To learn more, visit  

Factor – A real estate team’s best friend. Analyze your business real estate puzzle and break down your site selection decisions into factors that matter. Understand real estate KPIs and discover market expansion opportunities. To learn more about Factor, visit:  

Optimizer – The next gen analysis. Factor helps you enter and infill your markets with confidence. This dynamic report is essential to determining your company’s location growth potential and optimizing your presence in both current and potential markets. To learn more, visit: 

The Legacy Suite of Solutions -  

In addition to showcasing our new products, we also featured our legacy products, SCOUT, IQ and the Competitor Customer Insights package. These three products are key to gaining competitor insight and growing market share. Buxton’s legacy suite of solutions is an essential component of all strategic business decisions, answering the tough questions for growth and improvement. 

SCOUT – Our geospatial application within the Buxton Platform allows you to study markets with ease thanks to a robust group of consumer and market datasets. Visualize the data in SCOUT’s map-based interface, run reports, store files for easy collaboration, upload your own datasets for an enhanced experience, or even integrate custom analysis tools from Buxton. 

IQ – Our DIY model gives you the power of Buxton’s database combined with an intuitive query builder that doesn’t require advanced training. Discover answers about geographic areas out of the box or integrate with SCOUT to study your locations. This application is easy to use and easy to adjust based on changing market conditions. 

Competitor Customer Profiles Package - Think that knowing your competitors’ customer profiles and trade areas is virtually impossible? Think again. When you add the Competitor Customer Profiles Package to your SCOUT subscription, you gain fast, cost-effective, powerful insights to help you win market share and establish a competitive advantage.  

If you didn’t have a chance to stop by our booth, but would like to learn more about how Buxton can support your strategic business decisions, please visit us online at: and schedule a demo today. But don’t wait! You’re losing market share every day.