The 3 Best Ways to Put Patients at the Center of Your Growth Strategy

The 3 Best Ways to Put Patients at the Center of Your Growth Strategy

Increased pressure from consumers and the government are driving rapid change in the healthcare industry. These changes mirror what has taken place in the retail industry, leaving room for healthcare providers to integrate consumer analytics and data-driven insights into their decision-making process to mimic this retail-style innovation. Here are three ways you can start taking a patient-centric approach to your practice and drive business growth.

1. Use healthcare analytics data to create patient profiles

In order to take a patient-centric approach, you need to understand who your patients are. Patient profiles highlight patterns in your data that help you better understand the psychographics and behaviors of your typical patient. While you may think the profile is obvious based on your practice and the care you provide, using clinical or demographic information alone will miss untapped possible patients in your marketing and expansion efforts. To get a better sampling of the habits and consumer behaviors of your patients, look beyond demographics to create profiles of the type of individuals who frequently use your services.

2. Site selection process

Whether you’re looking to expand your practice in the same location or to add new sites, it’s important to know how your current practice is performing. Consumers seek convenience and efficiency like never before; no longer are people willing to drive minutes or hours out of their way for any service, including healthcare. Applying this knowledge to your growth plans will help you avoid making costly mistakes and diagnose the health of your practice.

3. Use targeted healthcare marketing to reach your patients

With more healthcare service providers easily accessible to consumers, and new locations opening daily, getting in front of your patients is harder than ever. To help you  establish your unique value proposition, and reach new patients, use your analytics data to better target potential patients through targeted marketing and drive them to your practice.

By viewing patients as consumers, healthcare organizations can use analytics to make patient-driven decisions. View our webinar “How to Apply a Retail Mindset to Healthcare” today to learn more. 

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