The future of healthcare: industry trends from experts

On Monday we wrote about healthcare legislature and prepping for a world of ACO's. Proactive healthcare providers are already working in the vein of taking care to the patient. Earlier this year we sat down with a panel of experts (folks from Banner Health, Mercy Health, etc) and talked about trends they are seeing and what they are planning for in the future.

This conversation was produced in  a series of podcasts, but thought I would call one of those out specifically. We ask our panelists what common themes they were seeing for the future of healthcare and these were the highlights:

  • Convenience and accessibility

  • More effectively managing a growing customer/patient base

  • Rethinking how healthcare is delivered, to drive costs down

  • Telemedicine: providing care to outlying areas electronically/remotely

What is your healthcare organization doing to prepare for its future?