Track Customer Profile Changes with Alert

Track Customer Profile Changes with Alert

In the dynamic world of retail, understanding your customers is crucial for success. While foot traffic data provides valuable insights into the number and frequency of customer visits to your store, it falls short in painting a complete picture of your customers' preferences and behaviors. To truly understand your customer base and their evolving needs, you need to go beyond foot traffic data to unlock valuable customer insight. 

Identifying Changes within Your Customers and Locations 

As a nationally influential brand, your customers vary across state and county lines. For instance, an ideal customer profile in New York is vastly different than one in Texas. While foot traffic data can provide valuable information about the number of customer visits to your store, it only scratches the surface of customer intel. To gain a deeper understanding of your ideal customers at each store, you need to consider their psychographics, lifestyle attributes, and buying behaviors. Buxton’s analytics expertise is key to understanding what makes your customers tick, and the best ways to use that information to better serve their interests. 

Highlighting The Most Changed Customer Attributes 

How well do you really know your customers?  

Traditionally, comprehensive market analyses were the go-to method for understanding customer dynamics. However, in today's fast-paced world, customer behaviors and preferences are evolving at an unprecedented rate. To effectively stay ahead of the game and understand exactly who is buying from you, and from your competitors, you need Alert, the monthly report that highlights significant changes to your customer base. 

Each month, we go beyond your stores’ foot traffic data and consider customer characteristics like psychographics, lifestyle attributes, and buying behaviors to provide a holistic view of your customers, their purchase habits, and the factors that drive their decision-making process. Alert notifies you of any significant changes you may have in your visitors, identifying which stores need immediate marketing updates. 

Pinpoint Marketing Channel Preferences 

Different customers prefer different media channels. After analyzing and identifying significant changes within your customer base, we’ll pinpoint their unique marketing channel preferences. Our insight arms you with the knowledge you need to prioritize marketing resources and effectively speak to your new customer base.  

Without this insight, you are targeting ineffectively and wasting valuable time and marketing spend. With our location-level recommendations, marketers can uncover the optimal mix of marketing channels, tactics, and localized marketing strategies specific to each market. 

Focus on Locations with Meaningful Changes 

Instead of changing your entire marketing strategy, Alert highlights the key locations you need to focus on each month. This targeted approach saves time, reduces wasteful spending, and enables efficient resource allocation, ultimately leading to a higher ROI and improved overall marketing performance. 

Alert taps into the Buxton analytics portfolio to identify exactly which of your locations had the most meaningful changes each month. Our report saves your team the time and resources necessary to perform a comprehensive analysis. We do the hard work so your marketing team can do what you do best – Capture the attention of your ideal customers and prospects and win market share. 

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