Understanding The Canadian Marketplace

Understanding The Canadian Marketplace

Canada has become a top market for expansion outside of the U.S. with an increase in new retail construction across the country. Many retailers feel that they have almost reached saturation in the U.S. market and moving north across the border is a next logical step.

However, the now infamous Target Canada fiasco has provided a much needed reminder that new entrants must be sophisticated when it comes to their Canadian expansion strategy.

Whether already operating in Canada or thinking about expanding there, you’ll find value in the presentation available below. Here’s what you can expect:

  • What we see in the Canadian market
  • What we learn from Target
  • What others are doing well
  • How can we help you succeed?

Canada remains a great growth opportunity. By understanding the retail and restaurant landscape and who your Canadian customers are, you can grow with confidence by taking an analytical approach.     

Understanding The Canadian Marketplace from Buxton