What is SCOUT?

What is SCOUT?

SCOUT, Buxton’s analytics platform, is the most technologically-advanced, simple-to-use, data visualization tool in the market, and is accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

This cloud-based geo-analytic solution connects decision makers from executives, operations, marketing and merchandising to custom retail models, built specifically for that client.

Let’s get technical

Architected in HTML5, SCOUT serves as the primary delivery channel for our retail models – which are uniquely designed from 90 terabytes of data, household-level data, and the most comprehensive set of geographic market variables commercially available.

Our unparalleled access to up-to-date granular, household-level consumer data, updated every 8 weeks, gives us the ability to model potential customers down to the household and zip+4 (4-12 households) levels.

The core of SCOUT is a geographic mapping system, powered by Google Maps. This makes it possible for SCOUT to have the most current and accurate mapping available, while enhancing the speed within SCOUT.

What can SCOUT do for you?

First and foremost, SCOUT enables you to make better decisions by performing a variety of useful analytic and mapping functions that clearly and simply illustrate who your customers are, where they are located, and the value of those customers to your organization. 

From the customer profiles and trade area definitions, SCOUT gives you the ability to:

  • Evaluate existing stores
  • Forecast sales of new stores
  • Target core customers
  • Conduct trade area analyses
  • Create market optimization reports
  • View cannibalization
  • Conduct side-by-side comparisons
  • Unlimited scenario testing

These and many more features are available through Buxton’s retail solutions with deployment in the SCOUT 3.0 platform.

Additionally, SCOUT Touch can be used to evaluate location opportunities from your mobile device. You can use SCOUT Touch to create demographic reports, count core customers and score potential sites.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, SCOUT is a web-based engine that provides access to information that improves organization-wide decision making – helping you to open homerun locations, avoid opening poor locations, and improve the performance of your existing store network.

Now you can centralize all your planning and strategic development resources. Whether as a pre-screening tool, real estate location or a comprehensive site management system, SCOUT can be a dynamic addition to your company.

To learn more about SCOUT and what it can do for you, let’s talk.