Whatever You Do, Don’t Look Down

Whatever You Do, Don’t Look Down

This restaurant franchise is taking the meaning of going out to dinner to new heights.

Dinner in the Sky, a Belgium-based company, suspends up to 22 diners on open-air tables, each weighing nearly seven tons, 180 feet above ground.  

The concept was created in 2007 when David Ghysels and Stefan Kerkhofs worked together to create an aerial dinner for the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe Association.

As word about the high-wire stunt spread, the duo began receiving calls from people around the world asking how to replicate it. The influx of interest prompted the pair to start franchising the concept.

Now, Dinner in the Sky events serve more than 1,000 people each month and take place in 47 countries, including London, Brazil, France, Tokyo and Canada.

However, the occasional crane-based meals are not nightly occurrences; they are mainly used as a marketing tactic to promote special events or product launches.

Well that was until Janeen Hinden and her late husband, Michael, decided to make it a permanent attraction in their hometown of Las Vegas.

The couple spent $5 million to build two permanent Dinner in the Sky towers and went through many design modifications to meet both building and FAA codes.

The franchise will be the first of its kind in the U.S. and will become the first addition to the infamous Las Vegas skyline since 2010.

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