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Site Selection

Open home run locations and avoid expensive mistakes using innovative techniques in data analysis.

Adding a new location is one of the most important investments that a company makes.

In the current competitive landscape, it’s critical to use the latest in-depth site analysis to complement your company’s real estate decision-making process.

Buxton's site selection solution helps you to select great sites and avoid expensive mistakes 

Our analytical tools give you confidence in your site selection decisions by complementing your boots-on-the-ground intelligence. Learn why leading brands trust Buxton’s industry experience, best-in-class datasets, and powerful technology to guide their site selection efforts.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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Designed With Your Team in Mind

Analytics created for you.

How We Do It

| We define your consumer profile.  

Each site selection solution begins with a customer profile to identify who your best customers are, where they and others like them are located, and their potential value to a new location. Even if you have insufficient data or do not wish to share your data for the analysis, Buxton can develop the profile based on our industry experience.  

| We develop a site scoring model for on-demand analysis.     

We then integrate the profile into a site scoring model that accounts for factors such as competition, cotenants, area draw, traffic, and population growth so you can quickly assess a site’s potential. The model is deployed to SCOUT, our user-friendly mapping and reporting application, so you can explore and analyze potential locations on demand. 

Solution Enhancements

| We define your consumer profile.

If you purchase a sales forecasting version of the site score model, you can add a scenario scoring tool to analyze multiple store openings or relocations simultaneously.

What does the site selection solution do for you?

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