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Your competition is increasing. How are you leveraging data analytics?Buxton can help you with that.

What revenue will this site do by daypart?

Buxton’s solutions allow you to understand the demand and potential for any trade across the country and by daypart. Whether your business is driven by the lunch crowd, dinner crowd, or happy hour, Buxton can forecast demand for all your types of customers.

Which markets present the highest opportunity?

Which markets present the highest opportunity? Buxton's U.S. Potential solution will help determine what markets have the highest demand, how many restaurants can be supported in those markets, and rank where your best opportunities are located across the country.

Does your restaurant strategy help you determine the best sites in each market?

Buxton’s Market Optimizer allows you to determine how many and where your best opportunities are located in any given market, based on your desired sales threshold and level of cannibalization. Market Optimizer allows you to run “what-if” scenarios for entire markets in a matter of minutes.

How do I drive new customers to my existing restaurant locations?

Buxton’s Marketing Services solutions will help you understand who your best customers are, where they are located, and what their value is to you and your business. Buxton can help develop a strategy to best drive new customers to your locations through direct mail, email, IP targeting, and more.

A unified view of your growth opportunities from a single platform.

daypart anlaysis - customer analytics platform feature

Daypart Analysis

Prioritize markets by potential - business analytics platform for restaurants

Prioritize Markets

Cannibalization Analysis - Customer Analytics Tools


maximize your marketing budget with restaurant data analytics tools

Maximize Marketing Budget

Daypart Analysis
Prioritize Markets
Maximize Marketing Budget

SCOUT allows you to fully leverage restaurant data analytics so you can grow with confidence and outsmart the competition. Utilizing SCOUT, it’s simple score sites as well as access and visualize location, market and customer data. This tool provides a centralized view of your customer and your growth strategies with just the click of a button whether you’re in the office or in the field.

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