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Cities increase tax revenue and enhance quality of life for residents utilizing customer analytics.

In this video hear how proactive cities are using customer analytics for retail recruitment, business retention, redevelopment efforts, and to increase tourism. By attracting new retail and restaurant concepts cities can increase tax revenues and enhance the quality of life for its residents and tourists.

>> CODY HOWELL: Buxton is the expert in retail. We have worked with more than 750 cities nationwide to recruit new retail and restaurant concepts.

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>> LISA McCAY: We’ve helped expand 35 million square feet of retail space in the last four and a half years, which accounts to about 6 billion in increased annual sales tax.

>> CODY: Buxton provides cities with answers for questions around retail recruitment. Which retail and restaurants are the best match for our community? Business retention: What information can I provide to my local business community to help them grow their businesses? Increasing tourism: How do I increase the number of tourists that visit my city? Allocating city services: How do I take a data driven approach to my city services such as libraries, police, fire, and other EMS services? Buxton provides you the ability to answer all of these questions in the easiest way possible.

>> LISA: In recent years, we’ve added value to our customers by providing tourism data. And now, we’re able to understand the who/ where value of tourists. So, who are they? Where are they coming from? And most importantly, where are they spending dollars in your community? We can separate that across 10 retail categories, and we can help a community understand it’s cyclical population of people in order to understand the value translated back to business and proactive recruitments.

>> CODY: Get the right answers, make great decisions, drive results. This is how you grow your city. Buxton, answers for growth.

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