Revitalizing Your Local Economy Post-Pandemic

Revitalizing Your Local Economy Post-Pandemic

Since the COVID-19 pandemic first gained widespread traction in the U.S., local economies have faced a stern challenge. Public health measures and consumer caution put a damper on growth and took a toll on businesses in many industries. Communities now face difficult decisions. What are the areas of greatest need? Where should funds be directed? And most importantly, once the priorities are established, how can you proactively take action to stimulate growth?

These are critical questions, and the answers will vary based on the unique circumstances facing each community. However, strategic community leaders know that there is wisdom in using neutral, third-party data to cut through the web of opinions and identify a clear path forward.

In this guide, we’ll share five common challenges facing many communities today. We'll also provide use cases illustrating how Buxton’s consumer intelligence technology can be applied to address each challenge and create a brighter future for your community.

Download the complimentary guide to learn how to jump-start your local economy and begin the journey to economic recovery today.

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