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Discover in-depth insights about your residents, workforce, and visitors to guide development decisions. Select data-driven tools to attract and retain retailers and businesses.

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Platform Overview

Intelligent Economic Development


  • Use mobile data to understand consumers
  • Study any custom area, district, or point
  • Know true trade areas based on visits
  • Measure the impact of events


  • Analyze & identify the best brands for your community
  • Send compelling analyses to matched brands
  • Compare and match any location to your selected brand
  • Present results that are easy to understand


  • Measure and track visit volumes to local businesses
  • Help local businesses understand their customers
  • Reveal trends over time & as recent as 72 hours ago
  • Analyze cross-shopping and co-tenants


  • Center your development strategies around data
  • Use unbiased third-party data to tell your story
  • Inform marketing to drive measurable results
  • Gain a holistic understanding view of your community dynamics

The most detailed view of foot-traffic possible

Create, analyze, and visualize mobile datasets for any place and see how results change over time. Understand who visits, where they came from, and when traffic is the highest.

  • Analyze any location
  • Know who, where & when
  • Use household-level data
  • Access data updated daily
  • Receive answers in seconds
  • Easily export & share results
Explore Mobilytics

Attract retailers and businesses with data-driven success metrics

Attract retailers and businesses with data-driven success metrics. Assess any selected retail, restaurant, or consumer services brand at any potential site. Use mobile data to compare visitors at the brand’s current locations to your proposed site’s trade area. Present a compelling case to site selectors with data-driven success metrics.

  • Target & attract brands
  • Compete with unbiased data
  • Benchmark key metrics
  • Access unlimited matches on-demand
  • Easily export & share results
Explore Match

It's all delivered in one platform.


Demographics, consumer lifestyles (psychographics), boundaries, points and areas of interest, and business locations all come out of the box. Upload your own data for visualization.


Access analytics to explore, visualize, and interpret data quickly and easily. Uncover useful insights about your market on the fly.


Geospatial analysis and thematic layer tools make it easy to visualize data and analytics on a map.


Integrate user-friendly tools like Match and Mobilytics to dig deeper.


Run and share standard reports and other outputs that you need to be effective.

File Management

Upload and store important files of all types for easy collaboration.


Share analysis, bookmarks, reports, results, layers and more.

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