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Optimize your library resource mix at the branch level and select the right sites for future branches to reach more members of your community.

Where should I allocate library resources to best serve my community?

Libraries offer important community services that enhance quality of life for residents. If your goal is to reach as many residents as possible, how can you ensure that your resources are being allocated effectively?  

Know who your borrowers are and what services they're most likely to use.

Buxton’s Library Solution helps you to optimize your library system’s return on investment by identifying who your borrowers are for each branch, the types of library services they are most likely to use, and where other consumers just like them are located. Pinpoint opportunities to improve the resource mix at each branch. Our solution can also provide unbiased, third-party research to guide discussions about future branch placement.

Increase library utilization by optimizing your resource allocation with Buxton’s household-level analytics.

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How We Do It

Borrower Profile and Resource Optimization

Buxton’s Library Solution combines your library borrower data with our household-level consumer datasets to identify who your borrowers are for each branch, what types of resources they are likely to use, and where they and similar consumers are located. We provide you with resource categories that should be included at each branch based on the characteristics of consumers in the trade area to guide your resource allocation decisions.

Visualize your Borrower Profile

Once complete, the profiles are loaded into SCOUT, an application in our user-friendly Buxton Analytics Platform, so you can see where consumers who match those profiles are located, identify areas that may be underserved by the library system, and access additional reports on the market.

Solution Enhancements

Custom Site Selection Model

Want to identify where future branches should be placed or the optimal layout of your current branch network? Buxton can develop a custom site selection model and conduct a branch placement analysis to guide your decisions.

Solution Features

What does the Library Services Solution do for you?

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