Buxton’s Retail Development Solution
Attract and Retain More Retailers

Retail Development

Reach your retail development goals with insights that increase the effectiveness of your community’s retail recruitment and business retention programs.

How can I attract new retailers to my community and retain existing local businesses?

A thriving retail sector is an important community asset. But in today’s competitive and rapidly changing retail environment, attracting and retaining retailers can be a time consuming and difficult process.

Inform your strategic retail recruitment efforts with unbiased third-party analysis. 

Buxton’s Retail Development Solution improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your retail development efforts by giving you unbiased, third-party analysis to guide the execution of your retail strategies. We take the guesswork out of retail recruitment by identifying the right businesses for your community and provide insights that can inform city planning decisions.

Support redevelopment and downtown revitalization.

Use the research to support redevelopment and downtown revitalization efforts, or attract businesses to a new development. Our solution even includes resources for existing local businesses to bolster your community’s business retention rate.

With Buxton, you can grow your community’s commercial tax base, enhance quality of life for residents, and make the right economic development decisions.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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How We Do It

Retailer and Restaurant Matches

Buxton’s Retail Development Solution draws on our robust household datasets to define the types of consumers who live in your community and the existing state of your retail sector. We match your proposed retail site to 20 retailers and restaurants and provide marketing packages demonstrating why the site is a good fit for each prospective business.

Visualize Data and Track Outreach Activity

All of the analysis is deployed to the Buxton Analytics Platform, which allows you to visualize data on your community, access relevant reports on demand, view contacts associated with your matches, and track your outreach activity.

Complimentary LSMx Licenses

Finally, we provide complimentary licenses to LSMx, our award-winning local store marketing application, which your local businesses can use to drive foot traffic and grow sales. 

Solution Features

What does the Retail Development Solution do for you?

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