Population Health Profiles

Understand who your most at-risk populations are.

What is it?

Buxton’s Population Health Profile products – custom profiles and attitudinal profiles – give health systems an inside look at the lifestyles of their region’s most at-risk consumers. By understanding who these consumers are, you can develop strategies to improve healthcare outcomes over time.

What will Population Health Profiles do for me?

Quickly identify concentrations of populations with at-risk behaviors.

Leverage Buxton’s pre-built attitudinal profiles deployed to SCOUT, an application in the Buxton Analytics Platform, to quickly identify concentrations of consumers with risky behaviors without additional data analysis.

Understand the lifestyles of consumers with a specific wellness concern.

By combining your patient data with Buxton’s household-level insights, we can develop custom profiles of consumers with a specific wellness concern. Understand their lifestyles and the best communication vehicles to reach them.

Enhance your education and outreach strategies.

Knowing who your at-risk populations are and where they are located empowers your health system to take education and preventative services to the areas that need it the most

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