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Maximize each portfolio company’s potential and increase return on investment by selecting the right real estate, operations, and marketing strategies.

How can I maximize the return on investment for each of my portfolio companies?

Each portfolio company is an important investment. To maximize the return on that investment, you need to guide the management team toward strategies that grow sales and eliminate expensive mistakes.  

Understand growth potential, prioritize markets, and identify new locations.

Buxton’s Owner/Investor Solution offers private equity firms a comprehensive suite of analysis to maximize the potential of retail, restaurant, consumer services, and retail health portfolio companies. Understand the firm’s growth potential, prioritize markets, and select the right sites for new locations guided by performance and cannibalization projections. Identify which locations warrant additional investment and which locations are candidates for closure or relocation. Grow sales through efficient and effective customer acquisition. 

With Buxton, you can develop a strategy to maximize the performance of each portfolio company. 

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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How We Do It

Customer Profile and Site Selection Model

Our solution begins by developing a customer profile and custom site selection model based on the factors that drive your portfolio company’s performance, such as competition, demographic trends, and area draw. The site selection model is then used to analyze hundreds of potential sites in your target geography to identify the new unit opportunity for future growth and to score existing locations to identify candidates for relocation or closure.

Visualize and Analyze Results

After our initial analysis is complete, you can access the results and the automated site selection model in SCOUT, an application in the Buxton Analytics Platform, for unlimited site scoring and on-demand analysis.

Customer Acquisition Model

Finally, Buxton can develop a customer acquisition model and provide campaign execution services to efficiently and effectively grow sales.

Solution Features

What does the Owner/Investor Solution do for you?

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