4 Public Sector Stories to Illustrate the Power of Customer Analytics

4 Public Sector Stories to Illustrate the Power of Customer Analytics

Are you using all the resources available to your community to increase your tax base, drive tourism and revitalize infrastructure?

These are just some of the ways customer analytics can support a city government’s economic development. Here are four stories to help you better understand how customer analytics can help your community meet your growth goals in the new year:

  1. Placemaking as an Economic Development Strategy. Communities seeking to attract talented residents must position themselves as centers of innovation and creativity. Understanding the facets of a placemaking strategy can enhance your community’s desirability and drive economic development.
  2. Building a Winning Retail Recruitment Strategy. Customer analytics is a valuable resource for communities seeking to recruit and retain retailers. Download this report to learn how to overcome common retail recruitment challenges and develop a plan for retail success.
  3. What NOT to do to Retain Businesses in Your Community. Buxton shares four conditions where a city’s action or inaction may lead to the closing or relocation of a business. Learn how your community can be proactive in helping retailers maintain their presence in your community.
  4. See How This Midwestern City Utilizes Analytics to Grow Their Community. This manufacturing town entered into a public private partnership to help revitalize underutilize infrastructure. Learn how customer analytics helped them better understand their daytime population and develop a plan for retail recruitment.

Learn how customer analytics can enhance economic development. Start the new year with Buxton! 

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