Customer Analytics and Omnichannel Retail
Bridging the Gap: Harnessing Consumer Analytics for Omnichannel E-Commerce Success

Bridging the Gap: Harnessing Consumer Analytics for Omnichannel E-Commerce Success

The e-commerce landscape has been undergoing rapid changes, largely propelled by evolving consumer behaviors and technological advancements. A key trend observed is the integration of online and offline retail channels, often referred to as omnichannel retailing. In this context, consumer data analytics has emerged as a vital tool to understand customer behavior and to bridge the gap between online and offline retail channels. 

The Power of Consumer Data Analytics 

At the heart of understanding customer behavior across both online and offline channels lies customer data analytics. This powerful tool enables marketers to identify who is shopping across each channel, their value to the brand, and how their shopping behavior changes with the introduction of new physical store locations. 

The notion of the "billboard effect" comes into play here, where physical stores can influence online spending within the store's trading area. This effect is particularly important in the context of omni-channel retailing, as it highlights the interconnectedness of physical and online retail channels. Even as e-commerce continues to grow, physical stores can still play a vital role in driving online sales and overall brand engagement.  

By studying online customer spend data before and after the opening of physical locations, marketers can gain insights into how a physical store may affect online shopping behaviors. 

Optimizing Physical Stores in the Digital Age 

The strength of data analytics also extends to helping retailers optimize their physical store locations in relation to their online presence. For instance, by analyzing online sales pre- and post-opening of a physical location, marketers can understand how well existing online sales may predict the performance of new stores. This information can be invaluable for businesses that rely heavily on physical locations for services, such as quick service restaurants that rely heavily on delivery services.  

Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline Stores 

The power of consumer data analytics is demonstrated in the success stories of retailers who have effectively bridged the gap between their online and offline stores. One notable example is a popular eyewear company, who, in partnership with Buxton, studied online customer behavior relative to stores, by comparing customer profiles, spend habits, and understanding these differences for online customers both within and outside of physical store trade areas. As part of the solution, Buxton also studied the relationship between e-commerce revenue before a location opening and physical store sales post-opening. This study revealed how strongly pre-opening online sales can predict future store success. 

The Future of Retail E-Commerce 

Thanks to data analytics, the future is bright for marketers in the retail e-commerce industry, and with unique and valuable customer analytic solutions and products to support marketing efforts, Buxton aims to be a big part of that future.  

One way Buxton is helping marketers in the ever-evolving omnichannel marketplace is by providing insights into how their online customers compare to their online and offline competitors. Ultimately, Buxton's solution looks to identify a brand’s best customers, helping retailers maintain a competitive edge and improve their marketing strategies.  

In conclusion, as the line continues to blur between physical and digital spaces, leveraging customer data analytics is crucial for the success of omnichannel retailing. It not only helps understand customer behavior across channels but also enables the optimization of physical store locations and the bridging of the gap between online and offline stores. With the right tools and strategies, marketers in the retail e-commerce industry can stay ahead in this ever-evolving landscape. 

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