Get More Out of Your Hospital’s Marketing Budget

Get More Out of Your Hospital’s Marketing Budget

We are living in an era where most healthcare organizations are in a cost-cutting mode, not a spending mode. Yet, these healthcare organizations still have pressure to gain market share and increase revenue.

So every dollar has to be wisely spent and yield a higher return today than it did yesterday.

With that in mind, last week we discussed the fact that many healthcare organizations are taking a closer look at what their patients want and are working hard to give it to them. However, they are failing to recognize that patient data – when used properly – is the starting point to making their businesses stronger and more agile. Forward-thinking healthcare executives are using patient profiling and analytic technology to learn who their patients are, where to locate facilities to serve those patients and how to equip the facilities for maximum effectiveness.

This type of patient analysis, however, can also have important applications in marketing efforts.

How Can You Make Your Marketing More Efficient?

As all healthcare entities work with patients, it’s important to understand who your best patients are from both an overall marketing standpoint and from a service line/specialty standpoint.

Taking the time to develop a better understanding of your patients allows you to clearly define how you should speak to your different patient groups rather than relying on a shotgun approach with a generic message for all your current and potential patients.

With the proper profiles of each patient segment, your organization can personalize each marketing campaign – determining the best medium to reach each segment and the right messaging and imagery that will most resonate with them.

This helps to ensure the best ROI on marketing campaigns and an overall better return on every marketing dollar you spend.

The Bottom Line

Success in healthcare marketing comes down to developing a relationship with your current and prospective patients by maintaining an open dialogue with them as well as providing the information and offers for services that may interest them.

Creating more one-to-one messaging helps to cultivate that relationship into loyal patients who now choose your services over another’s, identify with your brand, and refer other patients to you.

Learn more about taking a patient-centric approach by watching our 30-minute webinar “How to Apply a Retail Mindset to Healthcare."