Placemaking and Developer Partnerships 101

Placemaking and Developer Partnerships 101

Whether you are seeking new greenfield development, redevelopment, or urban renewal, “placemaking” or creating inviting places for residents to live, work, and play is a hot topic for many communities.

If placemaking is a topic of interest to your community, here are some questions and topics you might be focused on:

Trends Influencing Development

It’s no secret that demographics are shifting. The rise of the millennial generation is affecting economic development projects. Another force rocking the retail world is the “Amazon effect,” but what role will online sales play in future development conversations?  

Development Challenges & Benefits

No matter what type of development project you are exploring, there are both potential benefits and challenges. What can you expect from a redevelopment project and how can you compare that to the unique challenges and benefits associated with brownfield projects?


Placemaking is an industry buzzword, but what does it really mean? How do you define placemaking and how can your community foster inviting spaces? A point of confusion for many communities is determining what role brokers should play in placemaking projects.

Advice for Effective Partnerships

In the end, an effective placemaking project requires an effective partnership. To help answer these questions and more Buxton is partnering with EQA Landmark Communities and ICMA to present a webinar on the essentials of placemaking and tips for working effectively with a developer. 

EQA Landmark Communities will share their perspective on what elements contribute a great partnership, advice on marketing your community to developers, and key terms you need to know before initiating a conversation. We’ll also share tips for how communities can vet potential development partners.

Webinar Title: “Placemaking: Tips to Get a Developer’s Attention
Date: June 28, 2017
Time: 12-1:30 p.m. Central

Visit the ICMA University website to register or learn more