A Guide to Retail White Space Analysis
Retail White Space Analysis - How it Works

Retail White Space Analysis - How it Works

Ever wanted to know more about how a retail white space analysis works?

Buxton recently spoke to BMO Capital Markets, a member of BMO Financial Group (NYSE, TSX: BMO), regarding our retail white space analysis – or US growth potential analysis. Not only does this analysis help retailers to make strategic decisions regarding long-term growth strategies, but it also helps investors to determine true growth potential and valuation.

BMO Capital Markets released a report summarizing Buxton’s white space analysis – the data involved, the process, and how the analysis can be used. Buxton’s white space analysis draws data from over 250 data sets in addition to company-specific data, and provides the insights retailers and investors need to make strategic decisions. When combined with “boots on the ground” real estate knowledge, it is a powerful tool.

To read the entire report, please click here: BMO Summary Report – Buxton Retail White Space Analysis.