Can Buxton Analytics Predict the Super Bowl LVI Winner?

Can Buxton Analytics Predict the Super Bowl LVI Winner?

The Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams are heading to Super Bowl LVI. Winning the Lombardi Trophy would be a first for both teams – the Bengals’ first ever franchise Super Bowl win, and the Rams’ first ever Super Bowl win in their new hometown.   

Bookmakers in Vegas are busy taking bets on which team will earn the right to wear a Super Bowl ring. Here at Buxton, we’re digging into our foot traffic application, Mobilytics, to learn more about each team’s fan base. 

Every team thinks it has the best fan base, but is it possible that Buxton can predict the 2022 Super Bowl winner, based on the most devoted fans? 

By pulling data on the football stadiums in Cincinnati and Los Angeles, Buxton was able to pinpoint the psychographic profiles and visitor behaviors of the Bengals' and Rams' fan bases. 

Starting with the Bengals, we can see from the map below that their fans had a much larger presence at the home games. Pulling mostly from Cincinnati and surrounding cities in Ohio (Dayton and Columbus), the local fanbase looks to be very loyal to their home team.

As far as who those fans are, we can look at our visitor segments to get a better idea. The typical fan is between the ages of 51 and 65 and comes from a single-family home in a suburban or rural area. Looking at their visitor behavior prior to Bengals’ games, fans frequented the Newport Pavilion shopping center in Kentucky. 

Heading west, we evaluated the Rams visitor map and found that a smaller local fan base. However, unlike the Bengals, the Los Angeles Rams are pulling in fans from further away. Looking at our visitor origination chart, the top three cities from where people are traveling (other than L.A.) include, San Diego, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. 

Interestingly, a typical Rams fan looks quite different from a Bengals fan. The typical Rams fan is 25 to 40 and lives in a smaller household (one to two people), with many living in established suburbs or cities. Prior to games, Rams fans frequented local L.A. hotspots including Hollywood Park Marketplace and Disneyland in Anaheim. 

While no one can actually predict the outcome of the game, if fan loyalty determined the winner, the Cincinnati Bengals would be the favorite for Super Bowl LVI. 

Which team are you rooting for?