To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Why Public Sector Leaders Must Utilize Social Media

To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Why Public Sector Leaders Must Utilize Social Media

It’s no secret that social media in the public sector is becoming invaluable.  As mentioned in Strategic Government Resource’s newsletter, adopting a social media policy in the upcoming year is crucial to a community’s understanding of who their market is and how to reach them.

One particular Buxton client takes full advantage of social media. She has daily dialogue via Facebook with residents about a whole host of issues, and is actively Tweeting about the community as well.  It's an easy and effective way to keep citizens informed. From a political standpoint, elected officials are able to take the temperature of residents on nearly every issue facing the city. She can get out front of potential landmines and get them handled before they become an issue.  It gives every citizen an opportunity to engage in a one-to-one dialogue with the CEO of the city and feel that their voice is being heard.  Social media is also a great marketing tool that she uses to court business prospects and sell the city to potential investors.

We understand how our social media listening and engagement tools are used by our clients in the private sector and why. Like any corporate entity engaged in promoting its brand, by utilizing social media you can simultaneously create and reinforce your brand identity.

Social media allows your constituents to engage with the you on relevant issues, and allows you to influence public opinion through thoughtful dialog.

Unlike political polling to take the temperature of the public on specific issues (which is a point-in-time snapshot via a one-way dialog), social media is a continuous two-way dialog on the full range of issues of concern to constituents. To some degree, the use of social media means politicians and communities can reduce their spending on polling, resident surveys, and other off-line methods to gauge public opinion.

The advanced use of social media by early public sector adopters will rebound to you and your city's benefit. This will enable high levels of awareness, engagement, and satisfaction, precisely analogous to any brand's desire for the highest possible awareness, usage, engagement, and satisfaction.