Understanding Your Patients as Consumers - The Shift to Consumerized Health Care

Understanding Your Patients as Consumers - The Shift to Consumerized Health Care

The healthcare landscape has changed, and now patients have increased power to choose their healthcare, more healthcare options, and higher expectations for their medical care than they did 20 years ago. In the tips that follow, glean wisdom from a recent Buxton-hosted webinar in collaboration with Community Health Network.

Tip #1: 

Turning your healthcare system into a consumer brand instead of just a medical provider can completely change how you are communicating to potential customers. 

Tip #2: 

The most important business goal for any practice is patient retention and new patient acquisition. Patient analytics/consumer analytics help you to understand the characteristics of your patients and then find similar households.  Learning more about your patients as consumers by diving into their demographics and their consumer trends can lead to higher patient acquisition for your health care system. Using data you can mold your marketing efforts off of what your patients are looking for in conjunction with their lifestyle. 

Tip #3: 

While marketing often leads patient retention and acquisition efforts, real estate plays a role too. Real estate teams can benefit from using a consumer brand mindset. Understanding the impact of consumerism on the value of location is something that the healthcare industry is just beginning to discover.  Location analytics are able to help you make home-run business decisions and avoid certain pitfalls as well as helping you serve your patients the way that you want to. 

Using Buxton’s analytics tools, you can get on-demand market intelligence such as inpatient and outpatient demand, existing provider locations, and household-level consumer profiles.

Listen to the full webinar here: 


“Finding a place to go, as a starting point is the most important, and then you just keep building.” -Allison 

“You can have an enterprise vision, and you can execute that in pieces and you can win the consumers.” - Allison

“There’s a chance for healthcare systems to now say, ‘not only will I help you when you’re sick, but I’m here to keep you healthy.’” - Bill 

“Patients are now going to shop you, they’re going to look somewhere else, so the ability to maximize the experience throughout the whole continuum [of the practice] is getting more important in that area” - Nick Parrish 

“It’s not a one size fits all approach to your consumer -- people are using consumer analytics and segmentation to start to figure that out.” - Bill