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Platform Overview

Intelligent Economic Development


  • Use mobile data to understand consumers
  • Study any custom area, district, or point
  • Know true trade areas based on visits
  • Assess traffic compared to competing properties


  • Analyze & identify the best brands for your property
  • Send compelling analyses to matched brands
  • Present results that are easy to understand
  • Stand out from competing properties to attract tenants


  • Measure and track visit volumes to tenant businesses
  • Help tenants understand their customers
  • Reveal trends over time and as recent as 72 hours ago
  • Analyze cross-shopping and co-tenants


  • Center your business strategies around data
  • Use unbiased third-party data to make decisions
  • Inform marketing to drive measurable results
  • Gain a holistic view of market dynamics

The most detailed view of foot-traffic possible

Create, analyze, and visualize mobile datasets for your properties, competitor properties, or a potential real estate investment to see how results change over time. Understand who visits, where they came from, and when traffic is the highest.

  • Analyze any location
  • Know who, where & when
  • Use household-level data
  • Access data updated daily
  • Receive answers in seconds
  • Easily export & share results
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Attract tenants with data-driven success metrics

Assess any selected retail, restaurant, or consumer services brand at any property in the U.S. Use mobile data to compare visitors at the brand's current locations to your property's trade area. Present a compelling case to prospective tenants with data-driven success metrics.

  • Target & attract brands
  • Compete with unbiased data
  • Benchmark key metrics
  • Access unlimited matches
  • Easily share interactive reports
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Access your tools and so much more

Pick the edition that's right for you.


Manage your existing and pipeline properties and store files associated with each location. Visualize your properties and overlay custom internet search results to create interactive map views that you can digitally share.


Access instant, detailed demographics of households anywhere and collaborate with your colleagues on map layers, files, and data. With the Mobilytics add-on, visualize and quantify “look-a-likes” anywhere to find potential customers.


Visualize and analyze your data in conjunction with a wide variety of Buxton's datasets, as well as run reports, develop business strategies, and empower your organization with in-depth insights about consumers and markets.

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