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Tourism Insights

Attract more visitors with targeted marketing campaigns informed by in-depth visitor insights.

How can I grow tourism in my community?

Tourism is an important economic driver in many communities. But to attract a consumer’s limited vacation time and dollars, you need to cut through the noise of competing destinations by reaching the right prospective visitors with the right messages.

Improve ROI on tourism marketing by knowing who your most likely visitors are. 

Buxton’s Tourism Solution allows you to generate a higher return on your tourism marketing investment by showing you who your visitors are, where your visitors come from, and where other consumers just like them are located. We pinpoint households to include in targeted marketing campaigns and give you insights into their attitudes and lifestyles to increase the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

Know where visitors are spending their money.

Our solution even provides insights into which categories tourists spend the most money on while visiting your community so you can make informed economic development decisions.

Grow revenue from tourism by reaching the right households with the right marketing messages.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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How We Do It

Visitor Profile

Buxton’s Tourism Solution uses transaction data combined with our robust consumer datasets to identify the types of consumers who visit your community, which markets they come from, where other consumers like them are located, and the top tourist spending categories in your community. Once we’ve defined your target audience of prospective visitors, you can license direct mail contact lists or allow us to deploy digital campaigns to those consumers on your behalf.

Visualize Your Data

Our solution also includes access to SCOUT, an application in our user-friendly Buxton Analytics Platform, that allows you to visualize the results of the analysis and access other relevant reports about your market on demand.

Solution Enhancements

Mobile Data

As an alternative or enhancement to the transaction-based tourism insights, Buxton can leverage mobile analytics to identify who your visitors are, the top markets where they come from, and which destinations they visit in your market.    

Solution Features

What does the Tourism Insights Solution do for you?

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