Miami Children's uses patient analytics and data to expand their footprint.

Miami Children's Hospital wanted a strategic planning approach that would use hard data to guide their decisions of where and how to expand, rather than relying on emotions, observed behaviors or internal debate. They had 2 big business questions: where should we open new off-campus facilities, and how do we gauge market demand for certain sub-specialties?

The solution was to develop a benchmark model that analyzed the competition, patient predisposition and child health scores in markets that were targeted for expansion. Using patient and demographic data, Miami Children's Hospital was able to evaluate the demand and potential for 14 different pediatric sub-specialties, to ensure that capabilities matched the market.

For any location under consideration, hospital executives had a quantifiable score that provided a rational process for deciding how many locations to build, where to put them, and how many specialists to place in each one.

Is your hospital making fact-based decisions, or relying on gut feel and local market knowledge alone?