Local Store Marketing powered by Buxton

LSMx gives you the power to start marketing in minutes.

LSMx, a local store marketing tool, is designed to put the marketing in the hands of a franchise owner or the store manager. Controlled at the franchise or corporate level, this marketing platform allows users to quickly send marketing campaigns to potential customers through Facebook, direct mail, email, mobile banner ads, and Google search ads.

All franchise concepts struggle with the same problem - how do you drive customers and grow business? The goal is the same for your franchisees and your corporate marketing team. You want to empower your franchisees. You want to give them control, give them insights and tools to market themselves, and help them make the day-to-day marketing decisions when your corporate marketing staff can’t, but this idea worries your corporate marketing team. How do they protect the brand? How do they guide franchisees with proven marketing messages and offers? How do they monitor and track the results to measure ROI? How do they prevent franchisees from accidentally poaching other franchisees’ territories? LSMx, powered by Buxton, is the solution to your franchise marketing problem. Never before have you been able to give your franchisee a tool this sophisticated that’s this easy to use.

With LSMx, your franchisees will be able to see and select exactly which customers are most likely to visit their location down to the household level right from their phone. This data comes from your actual customer profile, powered by Buxton and created in tandem with your marketing team. Franchisees choose up to six different types of marketing channels and leverage custom headlines, offers, and creative that your marketing team developed - everything on brand and on message. Franchisees can monitor and track results from each ad right from their phone, and the resulting data from every franchisee’s campaign is captured in the LSMx corporate portal, so corporate marketing can analyze the data and make informed adjustments that are instantly realized by franchisees in the field. Franchisees can only target potential customers inside of their market area, solving the customer poaching problem that’s plagued franchise concepts forever.

Never before have you had a tool that gives your franchisees the ability to control their own destiny with insights and execution. Never before has your marketing team been able to control, influence, and track what your franchisees are doing at the local level. Never before has it been this easy to market your franchise. This is LSMx, powered by Buxton. This is how you drive new customers. This is how you grow your business.

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