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Site Selection Model

Open home run locations for your portfolio company and avoid making costly mistakes.

What is it?

Buxton’s Site Selection Model provides the in-depth customer and trade area insights that portfolio companies need to make confident, accurate real estate decisions. The model gives insights on the potential of any location based on the unique factors that drive the brand’s performance. These insights allow the management team to identify home run locations in each market, maximize ROI, and avoid opening underperforming locations.

What will a Site Selection Model do for me?

Evaluate existing and potential locations.

By scoring existing and potential sites, you will be able to understand each site’s potential on multiple levels – such as presence of core customers, projected revenue, competition, and much more. Make the right real estate investments for your portfolio company.

Maximize revenue with sales forecasts.

Using a sales forecasting version of our Site Selection Model, you can make informed site selection decisions backed by proven sales forecasting methods. Determine which sites have the most revenue potential for the brand.

Infill existing markets.

Determine where to place new units in a market without cannibalizing sales at the locations your portfolio company already has in operation.

Move into urban or rural markets.

Buxton’s site selection methods take into account differences in unit performance by population density. We identify the factors that drive successful sales in different types of trade areas from urban, to suburban, to rural.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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