Mercy Uses Patient Analytics for Growth Strategy

Mercy focuses on the patient for facility optimization and network growth

Mercy, a healthcare system with locations in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri, discusses how it works with Buxton to develop a long-term strategy for growth that includes facility optimization as well as marketing campaigns through consumer analytics.

[intro music] >> NIKKI VINER: Mercy is a 28 hospital system. We are located in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri. Our current business strategy we actually developed market optimizations for each of our communities, our 8 major communities. One of the things we have learned with using the customer analytics is really who are our patients. Using the Mosaic Segmentation, we know specifically within each community what their behaviors are, what their demographics are, and it does vary significantly be location and that has been a tremendous help as we have developed our marketing strategies as well as developing our growth strategies within each community. The customer analytics that we use today includes both customer data and supply data of physicians and competition. So definitely helps us determine where there is a need and where we can actually penetrate a market better. With that data, we were able to develop a long term strategy for growth, placing multi-specialty clinics as well as primary care clinics throughout our markets. We use customer analytics to determine where to locate facilities, what services to provide, and what kind of providers to put in each facility. We have developed a plan for different facility sizes that the customer analytics and the optimization that we used with Buxton to actually place those and create a long term strategy for each one of our markets. So from a healthcare standpoint, Buxton has been great partner, and actually, I consider them part of our team.
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